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The Tibetan Terrier is one of three small Tibetan breeds, but in fact, not terrier and never on spinor beast did not work. Title Terrier can be misleading, since it is actually a very small watchdog, which, thanks to his ability for climbing and jumping, can accompany the animals entrusted to it even in impassable mountain areas inaccessible to a large guard dogs. All the researchers described the Asian Tibetan terrier, and insisted on the close historical relationship with the Hungarian bullets. Strong addition to this dog proves that it quickly, without complications acclimatize and can be used in any climate. Bred in the monasteries of Tibet and has long been applied for various jobs, Tibetan dogs first appeared in Europe in the early XX century, if and Lhasa apso, and a Tibetan terrier called Lhasa terriers. Organized in 1934, fans of the Tibetan Association of rocks at the English Kennel Club did away with the confusion in these rocks. Tibetan Terrier Club of England included in the group polzovatelnyh dogs and in recent years has attracted many enthusiasts.


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Welcome to the world of Tibetan Terrier!

I have a very long time dreamed of a Tibetan terrier, tried to find a puppy in Moscow at that time Russia had a total of 20 Tibetan terriers. And I went to Slovakia and brought a charming girl Khyi-Mi Barri Burri Lamleh of wonderful nursery Martina Adamekovoy. So began our life with this exciting umneyshey dog breed.

Six months later, I brought my first Tibetan Terrier, I went to Holland for the second dog and brought a wonderful puppy Sumanshu Reef Lamleh from the famous kennel Petra Keulers.

We have the new puppy, girl Tibetan mastiff from kennel Lovely from Bordo.

About breed

In about 1920. British physician, Agnes Greig, who practiced in Kanpur in India in the Women's Hospital, received his first Tibetan Terrier in a gift for the successful operation of his wife of one of Indian dignitaries. In 1926, Dr. Greig returned to the UK with three dogs, and they laid the foundation for the European line of the breed. The breed is officially recognized in 1931.

Breed history

Tibetan Terrier, bred as amulets or charms, is one of the two small rocks of Tibet. In the Lost Valley, a truly inaccessible terrain, used those bred in the monasteries of babies as a reward to St. Christopher, presenting to the happiness of these talismans brave travelers. Among the relatives of the alleged rock north-kunlunskaya mountain dog and the dog pudeleobraznaya Central Mongolia. Many dogs herding sheep in the mountains of Tibet, along with standing guard over the massive Tibetan Mastiff. Small dogs are too small for a shepherd's life difficult, passed Tibetan lamam.Eto ancient breed, which became the basis for the creation and development of all other Tibetan breeds of shih tzu and Lhasa Apso to the Tibetan spanielya.Nekotorye Tibetan Terrier is still used as guard dogs as well as to search for lost items. American Kennel Club recently recognized the Tibetan Terrier, incorporating it into the stud book in 1973 in the breed are found all colors, all of them officially recognized. The Tibetans did not give the value of color, paying more attention to the physical qualities of the dog. E. de Ppisko, JB Johnson. "Small dogs atlas of rocks."

So many people have appreciated this wonderful dog. She is cheerful, active, cleanliness and extremely fast. Easy to train and learn. This is a good, happy dog, loves to stay out of it is good to the children and, like the clown, can perform all sorts of numbers, and entertain people. Has a sense of humor. By strangers wary, but not aggressive with other animals all together. She developed her paws like a cat, washes itself, can grab small animals and even to catch and beat the tennis ball. Is quiet, rarely barks, but has a high tone of voice. Tibetan Terrier loves to run around without a leash, even in kindergarten, the rest of his lack of regular walks.






Russian Champion

Khyi-Mi Barri Burri Lamleh

Russian Champion

Sumanshu Reef Lamleh

Khyi-Mi Barri Burri Lamleh